The professional fleet

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Professional Drivers

Enjoy Benefits No Other Company Offers!

  • Six figure salary
    You have the experience and safety record, it’s time you earned a six figure salary with us!
  • 24 hour pay
    24 hour pay - get paid the day you deliver
  • Experienced dispatchers
    Our dispatchers are industry veterans and pros with over 15 years of experience on average. This one advantage our team has to offer will not only improve your bottom line but also make your life on the road a lot easier and worry-free.
  • Operational flexibility
    Flexibility to switch to and from owner operator, and from regional to OTR
  • Enhance your income
    Enhance your income: you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our generous safety and performance bonuses!
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How can we possibly deliver on time, every time?

  • The professional fleet
    The majority of our drivers have over 20 years professional driving experience and well over a million accident-free miles. With a minimum hiring standards of at least 5 years and spotless driving record, we are The Professional Fleet.
  • Smooth "sailing" of your cargo
    We perform extensive background checks above and beyond anything common in the trucking industry to ensure smooth “sailing” of your cargo
  • On time pick up and delivery
    Few companies realize the key role dispatchers play in the transportation industry. Every single dispatcher at AW has over 15 years of industry experience and is a dedicated career professional - this is how we ensure proper scheduling, on time pick up and delivery of all freight.
  • New equipment
    We replace our equipment in 3-year cycles, the average age of our trucks and trailers is only 1.5 years, which minimizes the risk of breakdowns
  • The backup plan
    In the unlikely event that one of our trucks suffers a major breakdown, another power unit is immediately brought to the driver, so that the load is delivered on time. We also have equipment partners nationwide to ensure we have replacement trucks available anywhere, any time. And this is how we maintain our 100% on-time delivery record.
Professional Drivers

Home Sweet Home!

  • Home any time
    Home on demand - you can be home any time, any date, including home on weekends
  • Free loaner trucks
    Free loaner trucks nationwide ensure you won’t lose any home time in case of a breakdown
  • Nationwide service
    You can do maintenance and repairs where you live - we’ve partnered with over 1,600 service locations nationwide, and we have one near you!
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Your cargo is now secure

We specialize in high value freight and have extra security measures in place to ensure your cargo arrives safely, intact and on time. These include:

  • 24-hour security
    Secure terminals with 24-hour security and video surveillance
  • Embedded sensors
    State of the art sensors alerting driver and dispatcher if the trailer doors are opened.
  • Tracking devices
    Multiple tracking devices in trucks and trailers to ensure immediate recovery in case of equipment theft.
  • Security locks
    We have high-security locks on all trailers
  • Risk mitigation
    We track hard braking and acceleration events to minimize the risk of load shifting and product damage
  • Cargo securement
    Various load securement methods are used depending on the type of cargo; our drivers receive extensive training and have the experience to secure virtually any product or material inside the trailer
Professional Drivers

Look no further for a company you can call home

  • Family run business
    Family oriented company where you get treated with dignity and respect
  • Lease-to-own trucks
    Lease-to-own trucks available with a nationwide maintenance program at an industry low cost of 6.5 cpm
  • New equipment
    New trucks and trailers with the latest upgrades, comforts and safety features. Our average equipment age is 1.5 years.
  • Join the Elite Fleet
    Join the exclusive Million Mile club - over 75% of our drivers have at least a million miles under their belt.
  • 24/7 support
    24/7 support on any issues that may arise. Even if you just wanna talk to somebody - we’re here for you.
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Qualification requirements

  • Minimum 5 years verifiable CDL-A driving experience
  • Clean MVR
  • Good safety record (PSP)
  • Clean DAC report
  • Able to pass a thorough background check

A partnership for the long haul!

  • Saving money with AW
    What is the true cost of hauling your freight when you factor in cancellations, delays and cargo damage? Our top priorities here at AW are delivering your freight safely and on time and we have a team of professional staff and drivers to meet this standard. Tired of unreliable carriers cancelling loads on you at the last second or unable to fulfill their obligations due to driver shortages or other reasons? You won’t find such issues when working with AW. For over 2 decades we’ve been able to attract and retain the industry’s most sought after drivers: the experienced, reliable, safe and professional guys and gals who always get the job done.
  • Why partner with AW?
    In AW you gain a reliable and experienced partner, a family-run company with values of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Let our team of seasoned professionals take any shipping headaches off your mind and deliver your cargo on time and intact. We are the carrier you’ve been looking for - we are The Professional Fleet!